Kevin C. Wong


A few current crowd funders I pledged for.

IndieGogo - Car Wars 6E Double Drum Arena Playmat - a 4' x 6' arena playmat so it's pretty big to accommodate 6th edition's vehicle sizes. It looks nice. It's pricey. If it funds it'll be a near thing I think.

Kickstarter - Advanced Lovers and Lesbians - all the extra reward levels from Thirsty Sword Lesbians KS packaged into a small format color hardcover book. I did get all the extra PDFs but a hardcover book to go along with the main RPG would look nice in my bookshelf.

Kickstarter - Traveller RPG: The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society II - another 6 volume digest-sized collection of JTAS-type magazine articles. The previous KS republished a bunch of old JTAS articles, reformatted and updated for current Mongoose Traveller 2E. This KS is all new material. Perhaps as important is the add-ons as I've have a chance to catch up on various printed books and their PDFs. You get a small discount compared to the regular store (which also has free shipping so that should be expected here).

Some interesting Kickstarters.

Kickstarter - Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1st Edition Boxed Set - Mothership is an OSR-inspired science fiction RPG more in the vein of stories where it's a few people in a big ship or installation and cosmic horror strikes. There have been beta editions since 2017 and this is the first real edition, much revamped after those years of playtesting. The boxed set looks like is patterned after original D&D and Traveller, small boxes with digest-sized books. It looks cool and might

Kickstarter - Battlelords RPG & Fully Armored: Gear Manual - Gotta admit I've always thought of Battle Lords as one those heartbreaker RPGs that nobody plays and yet here we are with a new supplement.

Kickstarter - Women are Werewolves - "Play as non-binary characters in a family where only the women transform into werewolves. On the next full moon, who will you be?" It's a card-based story game, not an RPG.